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How it Works

This is a Network program to help you generate extra income, get their business/career advertised and help them have extra saving plan. Upon each partner registration, certain amount is set aside to prepared your advert content and cost which will go viral on any tv station once you have reached the 1000 records. This means that winners will be advertise on a Television Station introducing what they do or what they aspire. Certain amount also goes to the Nigeria Government for Tax Revenue. This will be our fixed contribution to our beloved Country. 10% monthly payment of any partners’ initial startup plan will be deposited back to partner account. These help partners who are not interested in our thank you cash flow to regain their support with extra discount attached within a year. Each partner has extra saving reserve of income which will be accessible to them after reaching the 1000 records. This is our major support contribution to help you save income to enhance your business/career or establish your dream. There are no hidden agenda in this program other than the stated purpose.
If you are currently idle and has nothing doing, why not join this network from the token start of N2500 or click here to see if you will qualify for free referral pins (Terms and condition may apply)
…Let us build each other together. You have nothing to lose…