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Partner with N10,000 and earn N35000 rewards

100000 in stock


How it works

Upon registration, 5 generated referral pin will be sent to registrar either by phone or email

Given pins are then sold out by user to their referral for 10000

User earns 7000 from each pin

Each clarified account registration generates another new 5 referral pin so be smart to reserve one for re-use to enjoy more partnership cash flow.

Pin security

Please keep diary data record of your referrals and copy of your referrals pins. Partners who has 1000 successful referrals pins are entitle for our special offers / Big treats worth of N1,000,000

To avoid stolen pin, pins linked to user will be contacted before initiating any contract with their referral

If you are a twin user (users who has an account and wish to continue with the partnership cash flow) kindly add serial numbers to your initial username. Eg. User1, user2, user3 etc.) this will help us manage your returns accurately.

New User/referral registration process takes 48hrs to enable proper clarification

Pay day for each user cannot exceed five working days

All partners are entitled to a monthly 10% bonus of their initial investment. This is excluded from their contract earning.

Other benefits to partners

  • Free business/career advert
  • Free online store
  • Free dedicated page on our platform introducing your business / career. For students, an aspiration page will be created; Job hunters will be given a public page that contains their cv.

Activation Process

Referrals / New User are to register their partnership account by paying to the following account using their desired account name as payer name.

To activate this account referral/user must visit deblinkco.com and input their given referral pin follow by their account and banking details.

Each clarified account registration generates a new 5 referral pin so be smart to reserve one for re-use to ensure more partnership cash flow.

This will automatically grant user access to our online store to enable user sell their product. A service representative will also contact new user to arrange and initiate other benefits

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